National Independent Artist of the Year

John K Brown: Unplugged
John K Brown: Unplugged
John K Brown: A "Just Play It" Christmas
John K Brown: No Nobody (Like Jesus)
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Nominated for Best Religious

album of the Year,

3 category nominee for Best Album
of the Year, Best Song of the

Year (Break Through Lord) and

Best Male Vocalist of the Year

from the Rhythm of Gospel

Awards and winner of Best

Independent Artist of the Year


new hit single No Nobody (Like

Jesus) feat.. Meka King available

 Jan. 5 2015 right here.    
There's a lot to say about

a cappella music....

When you break it down, it's

an expression of hearing the purity

of all sounds.

God spoke to all those

in need by speaking the truth with

the purity of his voice.

Let your voice be heard and not

ashamed over everything for the

will of God!

Make a joyful noise unto the

Lord....step out, shout out, sing out!